Stake Holders


Stakeholders are individuals with a vested interest in the success of an organisation. Stakeholders are partners whose work aligns with the vision and mission of RV Gobal Limited, are actively involved and engaged in the activities of RV Global Limited, are willing to commit some resources (people, venue, data, funding, IT marketing) toward care transitions to ensure RV Global Limited is successful, and have submitted a RV Global Limited Care Transitions Organization Profile.
RV Global Limited hosts annual Stakeholder Meetings for networking, sharing, and disseminating care transitions effective practices. Stakeholder communications enable all to understand their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities to maximize the benefits of RV Global Limited.


Corporate Social Responsability

Humanity is the cornerstone of all our CSR initiatives. As part of this philosophy, we undertake social development work on an on-going basis for the well-being and overall growth and development of society.
RV believes in deeply contributing to sustainable social and economic development of the under-served communities through initiatives in education, health and livelihoods. We are obliged towards society and are actively participating in various endeavors to make a compassionate impact.